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The 2009 Chicago Cubs had a team batting average of .255

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Q: What is the Chicago Cubs team batting average?
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Where were Chicago Cubs founded?

The Cubs were founded in Chicago and have always been a Chicago team.

What is the team salary for the Chicago Cubs?

The Chicago Cubs's 2014 team salary is $73546357, 28th in the MLB.

What is the average number of runs scored in the majors with the bases loaded and nobody out?

Depends if you are the Cubs or not. If your team is the Chicago Cubs, the average is .7 runs. If you are the Cardinals or a reasonably reliable team, the average is 2.8 runs.

What is the over all batting average of the Cubs this year?

The Cubs 2008 team batting average was .278, second highest in the National League (the St. Louis Cardinals were first at .281). The leading hitter for the Cubs was shortstop Ryan Theriot with a .307 batting average.

Where can you get a Chicago Cubs hockey jersey?

The Chicago Cubs are a baseball team. There are no hockey jerseys.

What are cubs?

The Cubs are a major league baseball team in Chicago.

What team is the AA affiliate of the Chicago Cubs?

daytona cubs

Who is the current captain of the Chicago Cubs?

The 2010 Chicago Cubs Team Captain is Derrek Lee.

What is Michael Jackson's favorite Chicago team?

Michael Jackson's favorite Chicago team was the Chicago Cubs

When did the Chicago Colts become the Chicago Cubs?

The Chicago Colts was the name of the team from 1890 - 1897. They became the Chicago Orphans in 1898 and it wasn't until 1902 that the team became the Chicago Cubs.

Who is Chicago's baseball team?

The Chicago Cubs are the National League team, and the Chicago White Sox are the American League team.

When was the team named The Chicago Cubs?

The team name was generally recognized to be "Cubs" starting in 1890.

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