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Entering the 2010 season the Chicago White Sox are leading the Cubs in the crosstown showdown with 37 wins to the Cubs' 35 wins.

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Q: What is the Chicago Cubs record against the Chicago White Sox since interleague play began in Major League Baseball?
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What does interleague mean?

Interleague is referring to within the league. If someone is playing an interleague team, they are playing someone in the same league as them.

What are regular season baseball games between the American league and national league called?

Regular season baseball games between the American League and National League are called interleague games. The first interleague games occurred in 1998 and have been a staple of the MLB schedule since. In 2013 the leagues were balanced to have 15 teams each (the Houston Astros switched from the National League to the American League) which necessitated interleague games throughout the season. Before 2013 interleague games typically happened in concentrated pockets during June and July.

What major league teams have the Chicago Cubs not played?

Since interleague play began in 1997, the Cubs have played all of the other 29 teams.

What Major League Baseball team has the longest winning streak against another team in the history of Major League Baseball?

21 games 1935 Chicago cubs

What American baseball league plays for Chicago?

The Chicago White Sox play in the American League.

What year did interleague play begin in magor league baseball?

June 12, 1997. The Texas Rangers hosted the San Francisco Giants.

Does Illinois have a Major League Baseball?

Yes, Illiniois has 2 Major League Baseball teams, the Chicago White Sox in the American League and the Chicago Cubs in the National League.

Who is Chicago's baseball team?

The Chicago Cubs are the National League team, and the Chicago White Sox are the American League team.

How many baseball teams are in Chicago?

Two. The Chicago Cubs are in the National League and the Chicago White Sox are in the American League.

What is the name of the national league baseball team in Chicago?

The Chicago Cubs

What are the names of the two Chicago baseball teams?

There are two baseball teams in Chicago, IL. One of them is the Chicago White Sox who are in the American League. The other team is the Chicago Cubs who are in the National League.

The Chicago Cubs play in the National Baseball League as opposed to American Baseball League?


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