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Q: What is the British superbike theme tune for 2008?
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What is the current sky sports football European theme tune?

Home internationals theme tune and Euro 2008 Race to Qualify:Muse- Starlight

Who Sings The WWE No Mercy Theme Tune?

Which One The 2008 Theme. If It's 2008 Your Looking For It's Metallica - All Nightmare Long.

What is the 2008 theme tune for living on the edge?

Air Traffic's Shooting Star

Who sang the theme tune to bbc's drama one night?

The theme song was written and performed by Errollyn Wallen, a British composer.

What was the theme tune to dirty dancing?

what was the theme tune to dirty dancing

Who sings the theme tune on royle family?

The theme to British television comedy 'The Royle Family' is the 1994 song 'Half the World Away' by Oasis.

Who sung the H2O theme tune?

the old theme tune was sung by Ellie Henderson, but the newer theme tune is sung by Kate Alexa.

What is the theme tune to Joff's Progressive Quiz on Royal Caribbean ships?

The theme tune to The Rockford Files

Mighty boosh theme tune?

What about the mighty boosh theme tune? Link below to see Mighty boosh theme tune/

What is the theme tune for shameless the UK tv series?

its done by murry gold and it is just called shameless theme tune if you type in on yahoo, shameless theme tune it should bring up a site called shameless theme tune/tellytunes tv theme tune finder, you can download it from there and its safe, or just use the link i have put in at the bottom of this, i hope this helps you -

What is theme tune to direct line advert?

i need to know the new theme tune to direct line 2012

Who was the zither player who used to play the harry lime theme tune?

Anton Karas played the theme tune.