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Toronto's triple-A team is called the Las Vegas 51's. They play at Cashman Field in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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the losing losers

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Q: What is the Blue Jays triple-A team called?
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What other team in the major league was called the Blue Jays?

The Philadelphia Phillies were known as the Blue Jays in the 1944 and 1945 seasons.

What is the blue jays team mascot?

The blue jays mascot is Ace.

Where did the Toronto Blue Jays originate?

The Toronto Blue Jays started as an expansion team in 1977 along with the seattle mariners.

What is the team salary for the Toronto Blue Jays?

The Toronto Blue Jays's 2014 team salary is $128409900, 8th in the MLB.

Are the blue jays a playoff team?

not really

What is the best Canadian baseball team?

In the major leagues, there is only one major league team, the Toronto Blue Jays. With that said, the Blue Jays are the best MLB team.

Where did the blue jays come from?

The Toronto Blue Jays started as an expansion team in 1977 along with the Seattle Mariners.

What is the value of 1962 team authographed world series blue jays baseball all team members?

The Toronto Blue Jays were not established until 1977.

Are the Toronto blue jays American or international?

the Blue Jays are an international team but play in the American league ...

Skydome is ballpark of which team?

Toronto Blue Jays

What is Nigaragua's baseball team?

Toronto blue jays

What is drake's favorite baseball team?

blue jays