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Click on the 'Baltimore Orioles History' link below to see their season's records along with related statistics.

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Q: What is the Baltimore Orioles win loss record by year?
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What year did the Baltimore Orioles start playing in Baltimore?

The Orioles started playing in Baltimore in 1954 at Memorial Stadium.

What year did the Baltimore Orioles lose most opening season consecutive games?

1988 ... the Orioles lost an MLB record 21 consecutive games to start the season.

Does Baltimore MD have a contract with the Orioles?

There is a 30 year lease to the Orioles, set to expire in 2022

Who did the Yankees lose to on opening day in the year of 2002?


1982 al rookie of the year?

It was Cal Ripken Jr. of the Baltimore Orioles.

Did the Baltimore Orioles ever lose 100 games in a year?

1954 and 1988

What was the original home and nickname for the Baltimore Orioles?

History of the Baltimore Orioles: Originally named for one year (1901) the Milwaukee Brewers, located in Milwaukee, WI. Then moved to St. Louis, MO, named the St. Louis Browns, remained in St. Louis for 52 years (1902-1954). Eventually moved to Baltimore, MD and named Baltimore Orioles, 1954 to present. Nicknames of the Baltimore Orioles: O's and Birds

What year did the Philadelphia Phillies win the pennant?

1915 loss to the Boston braves 1950 loss to the New York Yankees 1980 beat the Kansas City Royals 1983 loss to the Baltimore Orioles 1993 loss to the Toronto Blue Jays 2008 beat the Tampa Bay Rays

Who won the American League Manager of the Year Award in 1989?

Frank Robinson - Baltimore Orioles

Who won the American League Manager of the Year Award in 1997?

Davey Johnson - Baltimore Orioles

What year did the New York Yankees join the league?

The Yankees were established in 1901 as the Baltimore Orioles.

What year did the Browns move to Baltimore?

The Browns played in St. Louis between 1902-1953. They moved to Baltimore for the 1954 season and became the Orioles.

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