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Two hours and 41 minutes is the average playing time in men's singles tennis match.

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Q: What is the Average playing time in tennis match?
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Why are tennis players so fit?

Because playing Tennis is exercise. If playing Tennis is what they do all the time, then they will be very fit.

What is the latest time a tennis match has finished?

The latest time a tennis match has finished was three days after it started. The Wimbledon match between John Isner (USA) and Nicolas Mahut (FRA) was suspended twice due to darkness, and the entire match lasted about 11 hours.

What time will they start playing tennis tonight?


What does added time mean in a football match?

its the time that been spent out of playing

Highest time taken in lone tennis match between which male players?

C'est un grand tele!

Is tennis a sport because its physical and mental training?

Yes! Tennis is more physically demanding than most people realize. Playing a three hour match demands not only immense physical stamina, but intense concentration and mental stability. Not only that, but it takes a long time to learn, especially the technique of it.

What did Amelia Earhart do in her free time?

She enjoyed riding horses and also playing tennis.

When did Sally Ride start playing tennis?

sally ride started playing tennis at the age of 10

How many tennis rackets does federa go through in playing one match?

First of all its federer- second of all alot - exact amount: no one knows they wud be really stupid if they actually wasted their time counting- ask him

How long does it take a match to burn?

Burning time on a match will depend on how long the flint is at the end. An average match will burn for about 5 seconds.

How much time could you spend practicing tennis?

it is recommended for a tennis player to spend two hours continously playing tennis a day. but for pros, they normally practise two times a day.

What is the average time for a money in the bank ladder match?

14 Min.