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7 minutes

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Q: What is the Average mile time for an athletic male?
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What is the average mile time for a twenty year old male?

well im 19 (and male) and today I did a mile in 6 minutes, bang on.

What is the average mile time for a male eleven year old?

Around 10 minutes

What is the average time it takes a woman to run a mile?

It depends on the female if she is athletic and very physical active then it is between 5.10-7.00 and if she is not athletic and not physical active then 8.00-10.00

What is the average time for a 3 mile run for a 30 year old male?

6 min.

What is the average time for a 60-year-old male to run a mile?

8 to 10 minutes.

How fast should you run the 440 or quarter mile?

If your're talking about Quarter Horses, a good time is under 22 seconds. Sub 21 seconds is really rare, but has happened.

What is a good mile for a 58 year old male?

Are you kidding?! Of course it is. The average time it takes me to run a mile is roughly 7:30 min and I'm 16. Good job, keep it up! :) It makes me want to go run a mile now haha

What is the average mile time for a eighteen year old male?

8 nanoseconds if ur the flash of course

What is the average time for a 22-year-old male to run one mile?

The record is just under 4 minutes, but not many men can run that fast! An athletic male should be able to do it in under six minutes. However, for the non-athletic or untrained male it could be nearer seven or even eight minutes. Depending on physical build, body fat, weight, health, stamina, practice and general fitness. For those who are not particularly athletic, running times can often be improved by a fitness regime and regular appropriate training. One month's good training can reduce an 8 minute mile to nearer six!

Is a 5 48 an average mile time?

5:48 is definitely above average for a mile time. An average mile time would be anywhere from 7-8 minutes.

What is an average time for a mile in middle school?

the average time to run the mile in middle school is 9.58

What is the average time it takes to walk a mile?

About 20 minutes to walk a mile.