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The Atlanta Falcons have played the Pittsburgh Steelers 15 times in their history. The Steelers lead the all time series with a record of 12-2-1.

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Q: What is the Atlanta Falcons vs Pittsburgh Steelers history?
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Who has won more games in the history of the NFL the Philadelphia Eagles or the Pittsburgh Steelers?

The Pittsburgh Steelers

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Hines Ward has the most receptions in Steelers history, with 1,000.

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The Steelers beat every team in the NFL at least one time in their history.

Who is the winningest coach in Atlanta Falcons history?

Dan Reeves is the winningest coach in Atlanta Falcon history with 49 wins.

How many undefeated seasons did the Pittsburgh Steelers have?

The Steelers have never had an undefeated season in their NFL history.

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Did the Pittsburgh Steelers win a playoff game?

Yes. In their history, the Steelers won 33 playoff games.

Which Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback has the longest run in Steelers history and how long was it?

Mark Malone, 99 yards

In their 1000th game in franchise history who did Chicago play and what was the score?

Atlanta Falcons with a winning score of 6 - 0 Atlanta Falcons with a winning score of 6 - 0

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