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Argentina why do you think each country has its soccer team named by itself!

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Q: What is the Argentina soccer team name?
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What is Argentina soccer team name?


What soccer team starts with the letter A?

Soccer team name starts with letter A is "Argentina".

Who is Argentina soccer team now a days?

in argentina

How many soccer teams are in Argentina?

Argentina is a very big country. It has many different sports team. But in soccer team, there are hundreds of soccer teams.

What is a famous landmark of Argentina?

soccer team

Is Argentina's soccer team better than Mexico's soccer team?

Yes, Argentina are better than Mexico. Argentina put Mexico out in the last World Cup.

Which is the best soccer team?

Its Brazil,Argentina,and Uruguay

What is Argentina's soccer team captain?

claudio Lopez

Which team is better Italy or Argentina in soccer?

It is Italy.

Which soccer team is the best at Argentina?

It is Boco Juniors.

Who is the coach for Argentina Soccer Team?

Diego Maradonna.

Why is Argentina famous for its soccer team?

because they are good.......

Are the team names for Argentina soccer?

Your wrong it's futbol

What is the nickname of Argentina's soccer team?

Los albi-celestes..

Who is the best player on Argentina's soccer team?

Lionel Messi

What team is messi playing for in the soccer world cup?


What is Lionel messi's favourite team in soccer?

Argentina and Barcelona

What is the difference from US soccer vs Argentina soccer?

In Argentina they call it by it's correct name... Football

Which soccer team is better England or Argentina?

historically speaking - Argentina, currently speaking - England

Is Lionel Messi on Argentina's soccer team?

Messi is on the Argentina National team, but the club team he plays for is FC Barcelona, is the spanish premier league.

What year did the Argentina soccer team start in the FIFA?

The team started soccer as a whole in 1893, but it joined FIFA/International Soccer in 1912. Sources:

What is the name of Japans soccer team?

Japan soccer team

Where is Argentina soccer team staying when playing in NY?

queens st

What is the best soccer team in south America?

Argentina along with brasil

Is Argentina the best soccer team in the world?

No!i think its Brazil or Spain