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The Adelaide Thunderbird's mascot's name is Tori Tbird

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Q: What is the Adelaide thunderbirds mascots name?
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Who is the captain of the Adelaide thunderbirds?

Natalie Von Bertouch

Which team is leading the ANZ championship?

As of round 6, the Adelaide Thunderbirds were the top of the ANZ ladder

What was the score when waikato bay of plenty magic played the Adelaide thunderbirds?

the score was i love joe

Can you name the thunderbirds?

Yes, I can.

How many AFL teams have bird mascots?

Only 5 Adelaide,Collingwood,Hawthorn,Sydney & West Coast

What team in netball is Natalie Von Bertouch in?

Natalie is the captain of the Adelaide Thunderbirds team and is also a part of the Australian Diamonds team!

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What is the name of the central family in thunderbirds?


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What is the name of Vanessa Hudgens' character in Thunderbirds?

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