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ANZ Stadium, formerly Telstra Stadium and originally known as Stadium Australia, was the centrepiece of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. No other outdoor stadium used for the Olympics had been bigger than the stadium at the time of the games. Four Boeing 747s would fit side-by-side under the span of the main arches of the grandstands. The original capacity was 110,000, however post-games renovations has reduced this to 83,500.

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Q: What is the ANZ stadium used for?
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What is the capacity of ANZ Stadium?

The capacity of ANZ Stadium in Australia is 82,500.

Who is the tenant of ANZ Stadium?

The tenant of ANZ Stadium is Australian national football team.

Does anz stadium have shelter from the rain?

No it does not have shelter

What is the seating capacity for the ANZ stadium?


What is the largest rugby league stadium?

ANZ stadium which holds 83,500

Where was the 1983 rugby league final played?

ANZ stadium

What NRL stadium has the largest seating capacity?

ANZ stadium in Sydney (Formely known as Telstra Stadium or Stadium Australia) has a capacity of 82000.

When is Nrl grand final 2008?

5th October, 2008 ANZ Stadium, Sydney

Where is the Rugby league grand final 2009?

the grand final was held at anz stadium

What is the Sydney rugby stadium called?

There are quite a few. Most of the international games played in Sydney are played at ANZ stadium. The NSW Waratahs, the Sydney based super rugby team, play mostly at Sydney Football Stadium but also at ANZ stadium and Sydney olympic park. Others include Toyota Stadium, Brookvale Oval, Centrebet Stadium, Win Jubilee Oval, Win Stadium, Cambelltown Stadium, Leichhardt Oval and Sydney Cricket Ground

Where is the qantas wallabies homeground and where do they train?

Well their their home ground is ANZ or Homebush stadium but not sure where they train

When do State of Origin 2009 tickets go on sale?

I have been told April 2008 - seems a bit late (likely to be March I would have thought.) Here are the fixtures anyway: * Game 1 - Wednesday May 21 at ANZ Stadium (Telstra Stadium), Sydney * Game 2 - Wednesday June 11 at Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane * Game 3 - Wednesday July 2 at ANZ Stadium (Telstra Stadium), Sydney

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