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It is when an offensive player stands in the paint (the foul shot area) for more than 3 seconds.

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Q: What is the 3 second rule in basketball?
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Does youth basketball have a defensive 3 second rule?


What is the 90 second rule?

There is no 90 second rule in basketball.

Name of different hand signal in basketball?

3 second rule and that one i can remember sorry!its too shorth

Is there a 5 second back to the basket rule in basketball?


What is the 3 second rule is basketball?

An offensive player is not allowed to stay in the paint or key for more than 1 second at a time you have to keep moving in and out.

Is there a 10 second or 8 second back court rule in girls High School basketball?

There is no time allotment in girls basketball. They can take as much time as they want. There is a 10 second rule in boys high school and college ball. The NBA has an 8 second rule.

What is the 3 second rule in English basketball?

you cannot be in the colored lane for more than three seconds on offense or defense

What is High school basketball three second rule?

the three second rule doesn't only apply to high school basketball, it applys to any basketball (including the NBA). The three second rule is when three seconds have been spent in the 'key' consecutively without exiting and re-entering the key. In which case, this is a turnover

what is difference between 2 second rule and 3 second rule?

One second.

What is the ten second rule in basketball?

the ten second rule in basketball is called when the offense (team with the ball) has not yet crossed half court on to the other side within the ten second time limit. The National Basketball Association changed this rule to the "8 second rule", where as the name suggests, an offensive player must cross the ball passed the half court line 8 seconds after gaining possession.

Is there a ten second rule in girls high school basketball?

Varies state to state. NFHS rules state that there is a 10 second rule, however some states(usually the ones that utilize shot clocks such as California) do not use the rule. States without a shot clock (such as Arizona) typically do use the 10 second rule. NCAA women's basketball does not have a 10 second rule.

Why is there a 3 second rule in basketball?

Before the 3 second rule, big centers (like Wilt Chamberlain) would just wait under the basket, get the rebound, or the ball from a teammate and make an easy basket...this is how he scored 100 points one night.

Does the 3 second rule in High school basketball apply to just having one foot in the key or do both feet have to be in?

One foot

What is the 3 second lane in basketball?


In basketball what is a 3 second violation?

a 3 second violation is when you stay in the paint for two long

What is the three second rule in basketball?

An offensive player cannot stand in the key for more than 3 seconds. If he or she does, then the other team gets the ball. In the NBA, this rule applies to defensive players as well.

In basketball what is the three second rule?

An offensive player cannot stand in the key for more than 3 seconds. If he or she does, then the other team gets the ball. In the NBA, this rule applies to defensive players as well.

What is the 8 second rule in a basketball?

You cannot stay behind the half-court line for 8 seconds.

What year was three seconds adopted in basketball?

On the offensive end, the three second rule was adopted in 1936. On the defensive end, the rule was adopted in 2001.

What is the 3 to 6 second rule when driving?


When does the clock restart for the 3 second rule?

After a shot.

What do you mean by 3 second area in basketball?

The rules differ slightly in European basketball and NBA basketball. In European basketball doesn't have offensive 3-second calls, that rule was implemented by the NBA during the 90's to prevent that eras dominant centers to camp in the paint and catch and dunk. A 3 second call in the NBA means that you have been in the restricted area (the key/the paint) for over 3 seconds and results in a turnover. A defensive 3 second call means that you've been camped in the paint without an offensive player to guard in the restricted area and the call for a defensive 3 second call is a technical free-throw (no tech is assessed to a single player) and the ball back.

Is there a defensive 3 second rule in basketball?

Yes. When that happens the team on offence gets to shoot one freethrow and gets the ball back. Its considered a technical if I'm not mistaken

What is the 3 second rule?

The 3 second rule refers to dropping a piece of food on the floor and if you pick it up within three seconds, it is still safe to eat.

How many feet are considered out of the lane according to the 3-second rule in basketball?

You have to have both of your feet out of the lane. For instance, if you have both your feet in for 2 1/2 seconds and walk out and then walk back in, you won't get a three second call.