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Q: What is the 2010 MLB record for most homers in one game by one player?
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Who was the last St. Louis Cardinals player to hit 4 homers in one game?

Mark whitten

Did the Detroit Lions win a game in 2010?

With one game remaining in the 2010 season the Lions have a record of 5-10.

What is the record for most triples in a single game by a single player?

In a highschool game

Most Homers in a game?

The most ever hit by a player in a game was four, by a bunch of different people. The Blue Jays hit 10 in a game. And there was a combined 12 homeruns in a game by both teams, which was done twice.

Reggie Jackson hit five Homers in how many games?

Reggie Jackson hit 5 homers in the 1977 World Series, which was a 6-game series. He hit one in game 4, one in game 5, and three in game 6.

Who holds the record for most interceptions in a single game?

In the NFL, the record for interceptions in a game is 4 and is held by many players. The first player to intercept 4 passes in a game was Hall of Famer Sammy Baugh of the Washington Redskins in 1943 and the last player to do it was DeAngelo Hall, also of the Redskins, on October 24, 2010 against the Chicago Bears.

How many players have hit 2 home runs in a single World Series game?

Since 1903, a player has hit two homers in the same World Series game 51 times. The last major leaguer to do it was Pablo Sandoval of the San Francisco Giants, who actually hit three homers in Game 1 of the 2012 World Series.

What defensive player holds the NFL record for interceptions in a game and how many?

The record for most interceptions by a player in an NFL game is 4 and is held by about 20 different players. The last player to do it was DeAngelo Hall of the Redskins in a game against the Bears in 2010. The first player to do it was Sammy Baugh of the Redskins against the Lions in 1943. One player has done it twice ... Jerry Norton of the Cardinals intercepted 4 passes against the Redskins in 1960 and the Steelers in 1961.

How do you record a video game?

1: Record using personal camera 2: Put a blank DVD in DVD player then hook game system to T.V which is connected to your DVD player. Start the game and press record. 3: Use Dazzle Video Recorder

Has anyone ever hit 5 Homers in a professional baseball game?

Stan Musial hit five homers on a double header, nobody ever hit 5 big flys in one game

What is the NHL single game record for minutes played by a player?


How many Homer runs has Albert Pujols hit in one game?

He has hit three homers in a game four times. The last time he did it was on May 30, 2010 in a 9-1 rout of the Chicago Cubs.

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