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Gary Novak

Chris Stevens

John Egart

Tom Hansen

Tom O'Mara

Jim Regelean

Bob Valibus

Ken Wolbeck

Don Silinski

Mike Townsend

Willie Townsend

Tom McGraw

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Your Mama was the Michigan states university biznotpla.

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black people

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Q: What is the 1977 Michigan State University basketball roster?
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Who has won more men's basketball games between the University of Michigan and Michigan State University?

Overall Michigan State has won 1,402 and University of Michigan 1,339.

Who was on the 2004 Georgia State University women's basketball roster?

Not tasha Strauss

Who was in the 2009 NCAA basketball finals?

Michigan State and University of North Carolina

Where can you get a poster of the Michigan State University basketball and football teams?

Online. Or at a store

What is Michigan State vs University of Michigan basketball record?

Michagan 100-0 michagan state 0-100 idk

What sports did jack breslin play?

Basketball, Football, Hockey - Michigan State University

What teams were in the 2009 ncaa basketball final 4?

Villanova University, University of North Carolina, University of Connecticut, Michigan State University

In which year did Michigan State University win NCAA basketball?

I'm pretty certain it was in 2000

What is Ohio State's mens basketball titles record compared to university of Michigan basketball titles?

They each have 1 NCAA Championship. Michigan won theirs in 1989 and Ohio State won theirs in 1960.

What city is Michigan state university in?

Michigan State University is in East Lansing, Michigan.

What are some of the major Universities or Colleges In Michigan?

The University of Michigan Michigan State University Grand Valley State University Western Michigan University Central Michigan University Eastern Michigan University Northern Michigan University College for Creative Studies Kendall College Saginaw Valley State University Adrian College Albion college Ferris State Wayne State Oakland University University of Detroit Mercy

Michigan State University mens basketball school record holders?

most 3 point goals in a game