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1954 - 55 USF Dons Basketball Team Bill Russell - McClymonds High School, Oakland, CA

K.C. Jones - Commerce HS, San Francisco, CA

Stan Buchanan - St. Ignatius HS, San Francisco, CA

Bill Mallen - St. Ignatius HS, San Francisco, CA

Bill Bush - St. Ignatius HS, San Francisco, CA

Rudy Zannini - St. Ignatius HS, San Francisco, CA

Bob Weibush - St. Ignatius HS, San Francisco, CA

Jerry Mullen - St. Mary's HS, Berkeley, CA

Dick Lawless - Oakland Tech HS, Oakland, CA

Tom Nelson - unknown

Gordon Kirby - St. Joseph HS, Alameda, CA

Steve Balchios - Lincoln HS, San Franicsco, CA

Warren Baxter - City College of San Francisco

Hal Perry - Ukiah, CA

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Bill Russell
K. C. Jones
Hal Perry
Mark Farmer
Eugene Brown
Carl Boldt
Warren Baxter
Bill Bush
Tom Nelson
Mike Preaseau
Vince Boyle
John Koljian
Hal Payne
Jack King
Steve Balcios

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Q: What is the 1956 basketball team roster of the USF Dons?
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