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The women's Olympic 1500 meter record is 3:53.96 held by Paula Ivan of Romania set at the 1988 Games in Seoul. The men's Olympic 1500 meter record is 3:32:07 held by Noah Ngeny of Kenya set at the 2000 Games in Sydney.

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Q: What is the 1500m olympic time?
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What is a qualifying olympic mile time?

This question is moot because the mile is not an Olympic event. The closest in distance is the 1500m.

What is the Olympic record for the 1500m wheelchair event?

saul mendozer of Mexico won the mens 1500m wheelchair race in a record time of 3 minites and 6.75 seconds the event was held on the 28th September in the Olympic stadium of sydney.

How many olympic medals has Kurt fearnly won?

1. Olympic Games - 2004 Athens 1500m Demonstration Race - 5th 2. Olympic Games - 2000 Sydney 1500m Demonstration Race - 4th

What did Kelly Holmes win Olympic gold in?

800m and 1500m run.

Who won the 2004 Olymipic 1500M?

Hicham El Guerrouj edged out Bernard Lagat to win the gold in the 1500m in the 2004 Athens Olympic games.

Who holds the Olympic record for the mens 1500m?

Noah Ngeny (KEN) 3:32.07

What was the 1500m olympic time in 2008?

Men's gold medal time: 3:33.11 by Asbel Kiprop of Kenya. Women's gold medal time: 4:00.23 by Nancy Langat of Kenya.

What is the longest running race in the Olympic Game called?

i think its the 1500m but im not 100% sure

Name athletes won olympic gold 1500m run new zealand?

Peter Snell.

What is the Average time for a 1500m race?

The average time for the 1500M is around 8 minutes. The record for 1500M for a 15 year old is 4:00.08 minutes, won by Josho Morgan from South Wales

Which runner won both the 1500m and 5000m events at the Paris 1924 Olympic Games?

Paavo Nurmi.

How long is each part of a triathlon?

Olympic triathalon- 1500m swim, 40km bike, 10km run

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