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Q: What is that bowl called that has a pestle with it?
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Which is the mortar and which is the pestle?

The pestle is used for pounding and grinding, and the mortar is the bowl.

What is a motor and pestle used for?

A motor and pestle is a bowl with a stone used to grind herbs or spices

What is the function of mortar and pestle glass?

The pestle and mortar is a bowl with a miniature club. The pestle and mortar are used for grinding/pounding herbs/spices.

What does a mortar and pestle look like?

A bowl and a rock!

What is the bowl and crusher that pharmacist use?

That is a mortar and pestle.

Where did the word pestle mean?

The word pestle is generally used in connection with the word mortar. It is from Latin pistillum, an instrument used for crushing; the mortar is a kind of bowl, and the pestle is used to crush a substance to powder in the mortar.

What is the definition of pestle?

A pestle is a tool used for grinding. It is usually paired with a mortar, which is a solid robust bowl. The pestle is a heavy rod with a rounded end that is used to grind items within the mortar. PESTLE stands for - Political , economical , social, technological, legal and environmental.

What is the mashing bowl that you use for cooking called?

I'm not sure if this is what you're talking about, but the Mortar and Pestle is the small, usually ceramic or stone, bowl with the rounded masher that people use to make corn meal, etc.

What is a stone bowl used to make flour called?

If you are refering to the stone bowls used to hold the wheat to be ground into flour it's called a mortar the items to grind the wheat is called a pestle.

The mortal and pestle is used to.?

Mortar is a very hard bowl in which softer substances are ground or pounded to a powder with a pestle. This site has a picture:

What is stone bowl used to make flour?

Mortar, using a pestle to grind the grains to flour.

Everybody knows what a mortar and pestle is when they are together but which is which?

Mortar is the bowl made of a hard substance. Pestle is the heavy counterpart that is used to crush ingredients. Together they are used to ground various substances.