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The term for ten strikes in a row is a "ten bagger." If they are in the first ten framers it may be called the "front ten." If it is the last ten strikes (frames 3 through 10), it is called the "back ten" or "ten out the door."

When you have 10 consecutive strikes in a row, it is called a 10-bagger. Every number after 5 strikes, is just the number plus bagger. (EX. 5-bagger, 6-bagger, etc.)

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Q: What is ten consecutive strikes in bowling called?
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What is 8 consecutive strikes in a row called in ten pin bowling?

An eight-bagger.

What is ten consecutive strikes in wii bowling called?

10 bagger. Typically, there isn't any nicknames for consecutive strikes other than a double for 2 and a turkey for 3.

What is 5 consecutive strikes in a row called in bowling?

Five Strikes in a row in Bowling is a Brot. Coming from the term of the number of Brots that come in a package. Six Strikes in a row in Bowling is a Six Pack Seven Strikes in a row in Bowling is a T-Bone Eight is a Sir Loin Nine is a prime rib Ten Is a Double Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner.

What is the maximum score possible in ten pin bowling?

max score is 300 that's 12 consecutive strikes in 1 game

What animal's name is also given to three strikes in a row in ten-pin bowling?

its called a turkey

How many strikes in a game of ten pin bowling?


How many strikes do you need for a perfect 300 game in ten pin bowling?

12 strikes

Who holds the record for most consecutive strikes in Ten-Pin Bowling?

According to "With a string of 40 in-a-row, LPBT champion Jeanne Naccarato, Tacoma Wash, is recognized as the most prolific stringer of strikes in history. She had 33 consecutive strikes in an 864 series, then started off her next game with seven more."

How many pins in ten pin bowling?

There are ten pins in tenpin bowling. That is why it is called ten-pin bowling.

What is the highest score you can get in bowling making all strikes?

The highest score you can achieve in ten pin bowling is 300.

What is the perfect score in ten pin bowling?

300, 12 strikes in a row

How many strikes in a row to get a terkey in ten pin bowling?

3 in a row

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