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To pass the ball, and not be a ball hog. Use your team.

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Q: What is teamwork in soccer?
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What is soccer mostly about?

Soccer is mostly about teamwork.

Which sport had more teamwork soccer or Volleyball?


Why is teamworkimportant in soccer?

Teamwork in soccer is important so the team can work together and win the game.

What is soccer about?

Soccer is about determination, hard work, strength and teamwork. It's not about winning and losing, it's about the passion you have and show for it!

Why is soccer an important game?

Soccer (football) is a world sport for peace and happiness fun teamwork trying your hardest

How can you play soccer?

you can play soccer by first understanding the rules, practicing, having confidence in yourself and through a lot of teamwork.

What words describe soccer?

empowering Teamwork Love Hate friends Run sport

How does soccer teach you a life lesson?

Like any other sport, soccer can teach you motor skills, agility, and coordination. It also teaches teamwork.

What has the author Charles F C Hughes written?

Charles F. C. Hughes has written: 'Soccer Tactics and Teamwork' -- subject(s): Coaching, Soccer

How soccer changes people?

It can teach teamwork, reflexes, decision-making abilities. Improves fitness, inreases passion.

How do you get around defense in soccer?

Individual dribbling through, teamwork passing and crossing, or why get around it when you can take a long shot?

How is soccer and hockey alike?

Both take a lot of teamwork and both sports you need to score goals to win.

What are the benefits of starting the soccer at the age of 9?

At 9 years old you can become a good soccer player.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of soccer?

There are many advantages to playing soccer including learning teamwork, health benefits, and fun. There are also disadvantages because your victories often rely on others and you can get hurt.

Which theme would best fit a production of The Tempest in which Prospero is depicted as a high school soccer player?

The theme of teamwork and leadership

Is soccer fin?

yes it is because you learn teamwork you get to learn how to have stamina which will help with p.e or other sports! you get to be part of a team, which you can meet new friends, and you get to have your weekends with friends cuz its all about soccer!

Why do you have teamwork?

You need teamwork to be a team!!

What are the benefits children receive when playing soccer?

Exercise, teamwork, exercise, hand ey coordination, & exercise. Any sport is good for children.

How do you spell teamwork?

That is the proper spelling of "teamwork".

What is the stratergies for soccer?

Soccer, like other sports, must start with the basics. If your soccer players have that down then the next strategy is the development of teamwork and of the kind of play. During soccer training, coaches and trainers incorporate different types of drills to improve and even develop new types of skills for the game.

What the responsibilities of a pro soccer player?

Proffesional soccer players need to have good teamwork, good sportmanship, eat right to stay in shape, and most importantly, if they are in a college online course to keep their grades up.

Why have teamwork?

If trust is present, teamwork is established and if teamwork is established, victory is inevitable. -Kaya Razzaq

What are the soccer qualities?

Black10 says: You will need skills, indurances, speed, communication, focus, a desire, teamwork, dedication, displine, and 100% heart for the game.

Why is teamwork important in a sport?

Teamwork is important in a sport

What is antonym for teamwork?

The antonym for teamwork is solitary or selfish