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tagging up means to stay on the base when it is a fly ball so if it is caught you don't get out by not being on the base if it is thrown to the base you were just on. This is also used so if a ball is or is caught after you sprint really really fast and probably slide (except if your the batter as you run any way) ad opefully don't get out. (trust me i play softball) hope this answers you question!

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2009-05-26 06:39:05
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Q: What is tagging up in softball?
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In a game of softball what is the meaning of the phrase tagging up?

tagging up is whena base runner advances to the next base before the fly ball is caught

When is tagging used in softball?

When the runner is not required to run to a base she/he must be tagged in order to be out. (like when stealing)

How do you correctly tag a player out in softball?

To tag a player out in softball, you can either tag them directly with the ball, or with the ball in your glove. It will not be called an out if you tag them with the glove with the ball in the other hand. When tagging a player, it is easier to straddle the bag, so you can easily get the tag down and make the out. You might want to look up videos on youtube for a visual example

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How do you score in a softball game?

To score in a softball game, you must touch all four bases safely. The defense tried to get you out through touching you before you get to the base or by tagging the base before you reach it. To get on base you can get a hit, walk, or get hit by a pitch, among other things.

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