What is swimming trunks?

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swimming shorts that boys wear to go swimming

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Q: What is swimming trunks?
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Related questions

How do you tell the difference between swimming trunks and swimming shorts?

Usually swimming trunks have netting and pockets, swimming shorts are less devicive.

Where can you find Zebra print swimming trunks for men?

Go to FashionTIY, they have a lot of men's swimming trunks.

How do you say swimming trunks in French?

Swimming trunks are "un maillot de bain" (masc.) in French.

Are there any quick-dry swimming trunks on the market?

There are many brand that make quick dry swimming tunks. Speedo makes good quick dry swimming trunks. You can also try Victorinox's quick dry swimming trunks

Which brand of men's swimming trunks is most popular today?

Quicksilver is the most popular swimming trunks as it includes board shorts, racing briefs, performance swimwear, and workout trunks.

What do men wear when swimming?

Men wear swimming trunks/ shorts when swimming.

What is the word 'trunks' when translated FM English to Japanese?

mizuki = swimming trunks

Should you wear underwear under running shorts and swimming trunks?

Only under running shorts, not under swimming trunks. Trust me. :D

Where can lifeguards purchase red mens swimming trunks?

Lifeguards can purchase red men's swimming trunks at any local swimwear store. However, keep in mind that swimwear stores may only be seasonal, and swimming trunks may not be able to be found year round.

What are swimming trunks made out of?


What do swimmers wear when they go swimming?

they usually wear swimming trunks, a swimming cap and a pair of goggles.

What are trunks?

The word trunks has many meanings. The long nose of an elephant is a trunk; a large box you can store things in a trunk; the back of a vehicle where you put groceries is a trunk; amd swimming suits are sometimes referred to as swimming trunks.

What are swimming trunks made of?

They are usually nylon

What do you get when you cross a fish with an elephant?

Swimming Trunks.

Are swimming trunks permitted at knoebels?


What do you get when you cross an elephant with a fish?

Swimming Trunks.

Where is it possible to buy swimming trunks?

You can purchase swimming trunks from many retail or sporting goods stores. The decision you make concerning where to purchase them depends on what brand or quality of swimming trunks that you would like. Mass Merchandise stores have swim trunks at lost cost. Sporting Good stores and Athletic Specialty Stores may carry a higher quality or more recognized brand.

Why couldn't the two elephants go swimming together?

They had only one pair of trunks.

What do you do when swimming trunks are too big?

get a smaller size

Why were the elephants asked to leave the swimming pool?

They weren't wearing their trunks.

Why do elephants wave their trunks in the air?

Elephants wave their trunks in the air and side-to-side to improve their sense of smell. They also use their trunks as "snorkels" while swimming.

What are togs in new Zealand?

It's the phrase used for swimming gear i.e. Swimming costume, trunks

What does doukers mean?

Doukers is Scots for swimming trunks/costume

What are the fastest swimming trunks?

I have found that the fast skins are the fastest.

Does swimming trunks have zippers?

No. Pull ons. Zippers rust.