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a snorkeler. Or they could be an underwater hockey player.

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Q: What is swimmer using flippers and a mask?
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How you would call a swimmer using flippers and a mask?

It is called flasker

What do you call a swimmer using flippers and mask begging with s?

Snorkeler as in snorkel

Who do you call a swimmer using flippers and a mask begging with a s and it is two words?

A scuba diver.

What do you call a swimmer using flippers and mask?


What is an example of a sentence using the word flippers?

The flippers on the pinball machine didn't work right. They change the T.V. channels so often that we should call them channel flippers.

Does use of flippers affect a swimmers speed?

yes because the flippers known as fins in proper swimming give the swimmer wider spread feet which means that there is more room for the swimmer to push aside more of the water and faster.

Which of the following is not a safety guideline for swimming?

Always wear flippers and a mask

What type of swimming requires a mask and flippers?

SCUBA diving and snorkeling.

What do you wear when you go snorkeling?

If you're going shallow: you just wear a bathing suit, a mask, flippers, and snorkel. If your going deep: you need a protective suit, mask, oxygen pack, flippers, chain mail (for sharks), and gloves.

What kind of boat is powered using flippers?

The Boat, Belly Boat, is powered using flippers from human energy.

What equipment do divers use?

Mask and flippers to begin with, then moving on up to snorkeling and... beyond...

How does a turtle move?

Using its legs/flippers!

Finning in swimming?

I am a swimmer and "finning" is not a term we use. We use the term fins, and fins (or flippers) are things you put on your feet that make you swim faster, kick harder, and they give you a harder workout. Fins or flippers look like duck's feet.

How does the whale moves?

it moves by using it's flippers and back.

How many does a sea turtle travel?

they travel by using there flippers

What do you need to wear be safe while going scuba diving?

Wet suit, oxygen tank and mask, flippers would help.

How much is snorkeling gear?

As much as you want it to cost snorkeling kits (consisting of snorkel, mask and flippers) can range from £10 to £500

can you cut a pen in half with a mask?

No,but how can you cut it using a mask?

Do otters have flippers?

No, otters do not have flippers. They have four limbs which are used for walking and swimming. In fact, the otter can be extremely dextrous with its front paws, using them to grasp objects.

How do harbor seals get their food?

They catch it using their hind flippers and teeth

What is the benefit of using quick mask?

There is no such thing as the Quick Mask in Majora's Mask.

How do dolphins swim using it's muscles?

They use their Back tail flippers, moving it up and down. I think they also use their fins/flippers.. I dont know

What body parts of a penguin are used in getting food?

The penguin uses its beak to catch fish. It also uses its vestigial wings as flippers, making it a very fast and agile swimmer.

What helps a whale move its fin in water?

by using flippers modified forelimbs

How do penguins swim?

They swim by using their flippers. They swim like how a bird flys but underwater