What is steven gerrard's sisters name?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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hasn't got any. got a brother named paul

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Q: What is steven gerrard's sisters name?
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What is Steven Gerrards midde name?

Steven George Gerrard

What are the name of steven gerrards mom?


What is steven gerrards real name?

Edward van dooley

What is steven gerrards full name?

Steven Gerrard's (a Liverpool midfielder) full name is Steven George Gerrard

How much is Steven Gerrards' salary in pounds?

Steven Gerrards salary is roughly 1,25,000 pounds a week.

Name of steven gerrards house?

Gerrard House Gerrard Way Liverpool

What is the name of steven gerrards sister?

he doesnt have a sister, only an older brother paul

Is Alex Curran's Sister having Steven Gerrards Baby?

No. Alex Curran does not have any sisters. She only has 2 siblings, both brothers.

Steven gerrards middle name?

He is middle name is gay lord. I recommend that you start researching Ryan giggs

What coulor is steven Gerrards eyes?


Who is steven gerrards biggest fan?

probably me!

Who is steven gerrards wife?

Alex Curran