What is stephen curry's nickname?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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He is famous for a couple of things. First, he is the youngest player in NBA history to join the 40/50/90 club. The 50/30/90 club is a group of players who have shot 50% from field goal range, 30% from 3-pt. range, and 90% from the free-throw line. Second, he is widely considered to have the best 3-pt shot in the NBA. This season, he is shooting an astounding 48% from 3-pt. range. He is also sometimes considered to have the purest jumpshot in the league, along with others such as OJ Mayo. Third, he is the son of Dell Curry, the sharpshooter. Fourth, he is also widely known for his ankle injuries. He has suffered multiple ankle injuries in the past.

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Q: What is stephen curry's nickname?
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