What is sport leadership?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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  • Sports leadership is when you or someone else is hurt and someone or you help that person...
  • Say for instance I'm on your soccer team or cheerleading team or whatever you do but say I'm on you team and my best friend gets hurt...
  1. I could go help her!
  2. I could just stand there looking like a retard or an idiot!
  3. We could both help her!
  4. We could both just stand there!
  5. OR We could both fight over who and why we should help her!
  • Which answer is correct
  • NUMBER 3 is CORRECT!!!!!!
  • Why should we help our friend????
  • Because she's your friend!
  • You will NEVER let her down!
  • And that is sports leadership!

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Q: What is sport leadership?
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