What is sport association?

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It is a group of people who organize a sport(ex. NBA- National Basketball Association.

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Q: What is sport association?
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What is the national sport of Germany?

The national sport of Germany is Association Football

Is checkers a sport?

i phone the Olympics sport association and they confirmed that checkers is a sport but chess isn't.

What is Scotland's favourite sport?

Association football.

What is Japan's national sport?

Japan does not have a national sport. The top three professional associations are Baseball, Association football and Sumo. The biggest participation and spectator sport is baseball followed by association football.

What does LTA stand for in sport?

Lawn Tennis Association

Who run the sport of Sumo wrestling?

Japan Sumo Association.

What formed the NBA?

the new black association, to have there own sport

Germany national sport?

The national sport of Germany is Association Football Read more

What is a bowling association?

A bowling association is a local or regional body that helps govern or assist in govern the sport of bowling. Some of the functions done by the local association is to track and give awards, collect dues for the local association and forward the national dues, inspect the bowling center lanes to maintain integrity of the sport and run local association tournaments.

What sport is Britain most successful at?

association football rugby union

What is the national game of Greenland?

Association football is the national sport of Greenland

Why is Association football and cricket the national sport of great Britain?

Because cricket is the only sport we are good at and football is popular

What is the motto of National Athletic Trainers' Association?

The motto of National Athletic Trainers' Association is 'Health Care for Life & Sport'.

What is the number one sport that every player participates?

Association football or soccer is the number one sport that every player participates.

Is football an Olympic sport?

Association football is; American/Canadian/Gaelic football are not.

What is the most important sport of Singapore?

Association football, in terms of spectator sports

What kind of association is the Canadian Curling Association?

The Canadian Curling Association encourages the growth and development of the sport of curling. It was created in 1990 to spread knowledge and interest in curling throughout Canada.

What sport is Japan number 1 in the world in any sport?

The most common sports in Japan include association football and other ball sports. Some of the martial arts and Karate are also practiced by many people. There is no legally official sport of Japan, but the Japan Sumo Association describes sumo as the national sport of Japan, with baseball as the most popular spectator sport of the country.

What is the sport for stacking cups called?

The sport for stacking cups is called Sport Stacking. This sport is said to begin in 1990 on The Tonight Show. The earliest competition was held in 1998 in Oceanside, California. The governing body of the sport is known as the World Sport Stacking Association (WSSA).

What is Vietnam National Sport?

There is no official sport of Vietnam, but the most popular sport is association football (known to some as soccer). In addition, the country has a growing community in cricket, rugby, and badmitton.

Is soccer the most popular sport in the world?

Soccer or association football is the most popular team sport in the world. However, contrary to popular belief, fishing is classified as a sport and hence is the most played sport in the world.

Do you have to cut your hair for sports?

It depends on what sport you are playing and whether or not the association you are playing for requires it.

Which sport is played with ball constructed of panels similar to a geodesic dome?

association football

What is Chinas nation sport?

Many historians believe that association football originated in China, where a form of the sport may have appeared around 1000 AD

How do you get in the world sport stacking asoutiations?

is asoutiation supposed to be association? you don't get into the wssa, it is an organization devoted to standardizing sport stacking world wide.