What is spasketball?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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A game that combines Basketball and soccer.

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Q: What is spasketball?
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How do you play spasketball?

Equipment: Basketball hoop (or basketball court) and a soccer (futbol) ball. People: 2 to 14? players ... really as many as you want. Uniforms: normal clothes, shirts and skins or colored beanies or uniforms. What is it: A combination of basketball, soccer, ultimate frisbee with hints of hockey You play with a basketball hoop or a full basketball court. If you play with one hoop the normal, "take the ball back" rule applies behind a designated line (usually around the 3 point line.) You also play with a soccer ball. Each team tries to score by shooting the ball through the hoop. Outside of the basketball "3 point line" equals 2 points whereas inside counts as 1. Each successful score results in the other team "taking it out" but there is never any "checking." A courtesy slap of the ball or "game on" is considered customary but not required. There is no "out of bounds" or "time outs" except for injuries which require the player to be removed from the game. If a player is removed due to injury, whomever injured the player must also leave until the injured player returns. Rules: You turn over the ball if- You dribble You pick up the ball (you have to scoop it and bounce it off your chest first) You take more than 3 steps In single hoop play if the ball hits the hoop and you don't take it back and you score, the point goes to the other team. If you shoot from inside a designated Square and make it, no matter what the scores are they instantly tie. If you make a basket from kicking it in, you instantly win the game Goal tending is allowed. Fouling (basketball, soccer etc) is allowed You can't intentionally hurt anyone including punching, kicking, slapping etc (unless going for the ball.)