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Professional Sportsman (or should that be Sportsperson?).

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A professional athlete.

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Q: What is someone who plays sport for a living?
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Who is a professional soccer player?

A professional soccer player is someone who is payed a wage to pley the sport. Effectively someone who plays soccer for a living.

What is the description of a Lacrosse player?

someone who plays the sport of lacrosse

How do you ask if someone plays sports in french?

ne vous faites du sport

How do you tell what joint protector to use?

see what gets hit most.. either trial and error or ask someone who plays.. what sport?

Definition of Anti-Sport?

Anti-sport is defined to be someone who opposes a particular sport. It can also be someone who does not agree with a certain policy of sport.

Is calling someone sport disrespectful?

No, sport.

What is a unique sport?

A unique sport is a sport that is uncommon sport- something hardly anyone plays. An example would be fencing.

How does one play the sport bath rugby?

Someone playing bath rugby plays rugby for the town of Bath in the United Kingdom. Rugby is a very popular sport in the United Kingdom and Europe. The club was founded in 1865.

Which sport does Brandon Banks play?

Brandon Banks plays the sport of American football.

What sport does greyson chance play?

Greyson chance plays soccer and its his favorite sport

What is mattybraps favorite sport?

Mattyb's favourite sport is baseball.He even plays on a team

Michael Owen plays which sport?