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K'naan is a Canadian-Somali singer/songwriter in the rap genre. He has also know success as a poet as well as an instrumentalist. His first big single "Wavin' Flag", was used as the Coca-Cola company's anthem for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

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Q: What is some important information about Knaan?
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Where was knaan born?


Is knaan Christian?

no he his a Muslim

What is the religion of knaan?


Did knaan die?

He is alive

Is knaan muslium?

Yes. K'naan is muslim.

What nationality is knaan?

he's Canadian he's from Toronto

Which continent is knaan from?

K'naan was born in Somalia (Africa).

Is knaan's wife somalian?

yes, she's Somali.

What is the last song from Harold and Kumar?

knaan in the beggining

Is knaan Muslim?

yes he is and he pray's every single pray

Who is knaan wife name?

K'naan's wife's name is Deqa.

How much money does knaan have?

he has more than 16 million