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Kanmukan karate is a martial art system developed by George Anderson, Hanshi. It blends Okinawa karate, Korean karate, and kung-fu influences. Kwanmukan Karate is world wide.

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Q: What is some basic information on Kwanmukan Karate?
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What are the yellow belt requirements for karate?

This depends on the style of karate, but usually the test for yellow belt includes some combination of demonstrating single-step basics (blocks, punches, kicks), one or two basic kata, and some kind of basic board breaking.

How do you kick some ass aka some basic fighting moves so i dont get my ass kicked?

Take karate lessons

What are some physical requirements to be in karate?

You don't need physcal requiremants in karate. Karate is a place to learn not qualify.

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Who are some people in uniform that starts with k?

· karate instructors

Should Karate be included in the Olympics and why?

It could be included because there is a type of karate called "Freestyle Kata, is a type of karate Kata mixed up with gymnastics, check in youtube for some freestyle Katas. No! In order to be in the Olympics there have to be very specific rules. That goes against the basic premise of karate, defense without any rules. The minute that rules, any rules, are applied it moves from a martial art to a sport.

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Who has a rank of tenth dan in karate?

Many karate masters are 10th Dan in karate. Some examples are Hidetaka Nishiyama, Hirokazu Kanazawa, Teruyuki Okazaki are some present day examples.

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What are some karate tricks?

There are no tricks in karate. It is hard work and practice under a knowledgeable instructor.

Did Karate come from China?

Karate came from Okinawa, but owes some of its techniques to the Chinese arts.

What is some the information about shotokan karate?

It was derived from Shorin Ryu karate from Okinawa. It was brought there from Okinawa by Gichin Funakoshi. Shoto was his pen name that he wrote poetry under. Kan means place or house. It got its name from the first dojo, Shoto Kan, or House of Shoto.

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Did John F. Kennedy do karate?

Yes! Actually, my karate teacher taught him some moves--no joke!

How long has Jackie Chan been doing karate?

Jackie Chan does not do Karate, although he has had some training in it.

Is ufc the same as karate?

UFC is not the same a karate. UFC is a Mixed Martial Art. Some of the UFC fighters have trained in karate and put the skills to use in the ring.

What does a green belt mean in karate?

That means you are still a beginner. But much advanced beginner. You know some basic techniques well but still don't know how to put all together. Learn well.

How much is a karate dojo when you buy it?

That will vary with each transaction. It can be as basic as paying a fixed fee for use of some space on a regular basis, to buying a building and remodeling it with all sorts of special equipment.

What is Shorin Ryu Karate?

Shorin Ryu karate is one of the main styles coming out of Okinawa that is the basis for major portions of the karate of Japan and Korea. It can trace its origins back through some of the oldest recorded karate masters.

Why is it incorrect to call karate a martial art?

It is not incorrect to call karate a martial art. There are those that will argue that some styles of karate have been modified from a martial art to a sport.

What can you find out about karate?

Look in your local phone book for a karate school. Give them a call and they can tell you all about it. Some YMCA's also have karate classes see if your local one has them.

Destination of the monks who created karate?

Monks are not thought to have created karate. There were some that went to Okinawa and taught some aspects of Kung Fu to the Ryu Kyu King's guards that were merged into the local wrestling to create what we now know as karate.

Where did karate get started?

Karate started in the Ryukyu islands due to the introducing of some forms of chinese martial arts.

How do you know if the boy in your karate class likes you?

You can tell if the boy in your karate class likes you if he shows some interest in you.