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Q: What is soccers real name but only in Italy?
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Is 925 Italy real silver?

It only tests out at 780

Where is lady gaga from originally?

Italy. Here real name is Stefone.

What is shizzy sixx's real name?

only i know his real name . .

What is john cabots real name?

In Italy, he is known as Giovanni Caboto bryan

Is Italy's desert tropical or mountainous?

Italy has no real or true deserts. They have only a couple small areas of semi-desert.

Is 14kt Italy gold real?

Yes. If it is indeed stamped 14kt. In Italy only 18kt gold can be sold, so anything less is for export only.

What is India's real name?

Real name is Bharat only and people should not be ashamed of it!

Is Italy's real name Italian republic?

really, i dont know. but it sounds strange

What team won the 2006 fifa world cup in Germany real name?


What is the real name of bipasa basu?

Real name of bipasa basu is bipasa basu only. It his her real name and is her identity. People know her this way and love to call her that only. This is the name that was given to her by his father.

Is Joe only a boys name?

Joe is not a real name

How did Stephenie Meyer come up with the name The Volturi?

They are from Volterra, Italy. Volterra is a real place.

Was John Cabot from England?

He was from Italy, his real name was Giovanni Caboto. But he moved to England and changed his name to John Cabot, which was his "english" name.

What is danger mouses real name?

DM's real name is never mentioned only his code name of Danger Mouse .

What is triggers real name in only fools and horses?

triggers real on svreen name was colin ball

What is shebang riley's real name and age?

her real name is arden riley and she's only 15.

Is Pescia Italy real?


What is the whole real name of Aristotle?

Aristotle only has one name.

Is all silver jewelry made in Italy real?

Is all silver stamped Italy jewelry real

What was Christopher Columbus race?

Christopher Columbus, whose real name was Cristobal Colon, was a Caucasian from Italy.

What race was Christopher Columbus?

Christopher Columbus, whose real name was Cristobal Colon, was a Caucasian from Italy.

What is phred's real name on wild west Alaska?

Phred's real name on the show Wild West Alaska is Carolyn. this is only a partial answer, because it only gives a first name and not the full name.

What is the real name for the equator?

The Equator has only one name and it's the Equator.

What is Oritse real name out of jls?

Here he only has one name & its oriste.

How do you change your real name in Gmail?

The real name in Gmail cannot be changed after. You have to set the name before only. It is decided at the time of registration.