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Amo futebol is a Portguese equivalent of 'I love soccer'. The verb 'amo' means '[I] am loving, do love, love'. The masculine noun 'futebol' means 'soccer'. Together, they're pronounced 'AH-moo FOO-chee-boh'.

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Q: What is soccer in Portuguese?
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Who is better in soccer Brazilians or Portuguese?


How do you say soccer in Portuguese?

futbol simple as that

How do you say soccer in Brazil?

In portuguese (language spoken in Brazil) "soccer" is called: Futebol

Who won the Portuguese soccer championship in 1974?


How do you say soccer is my life and dream in Portuguese?

o soccer e minha vida e sonho

How do you say '' i love soccer'' in portuguese?

Eu amo futebol.

Who is the greatest Portuguese soccer player of all time?


Who is the captain of the Portuguese national soccer team?

Cristiano ronaldo....

How do you say soccer lifestyle in Portuguese?

Cultura de futebol.

What is Portuguese for 'goal'?

Meta (As I have a goal) Now goal for soccer is (Gol)

Why in Brazil do they call soocer football?

Because soccer is football in Spanish/Portuguese

What is south Americas favourite sport?

Soccer for sure, but they call it futbol or futebol in Portuguese.