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Most people in Britain call the game football.

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Q: What is soccer called in Great Britain?
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Where was soccer start?

Great Britain

How to say soccer in British?

There is no such language as British. In Britain, soccer is called football.

What continent was soccer invented in?

Europe. in the country great britain

Most played sport in great britain?

soccer or cricket

First soccer game Olympics?

That was September 20, 1900 between Great Britain and France. Great Britain won, 4-0.

What is the whole name of Great Britain?

The country is called the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The island is called Great Britain.

What are the soccer fields in Britain called?

a football pitch.

What are the most popular sports in Great Britain and Russia?

Football (soccer)

What sports do they have in Great Britain?

Rugby, Cricket, Soccer (Football) and Tennis

Does Great Britain prefer to be called England or Great Britain?

great Britten

When did soccer first appear at the the Olympics?

In 1900 at Paris. Great Britain, France and Belgium were the only competitors with Great Britain defeating France for the gold medal.

What Team that won gold medal in soccer Olympics in 1908?

Great Britain

Who invinted the game soccer?

It was first recorded in the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

Which country won the first gold medal in soccer?

Great Britain in 1900.

What is the most popular winter sport in great Britain?

i think the most popular winter sport in great britain is soccer thank you my name is abdullah mahmood 5-d

Colonist who favored independence from Britain?

People who did not want independence from Great Britain were called loyalists, and people who favored independence from Great Britain were called patriots. WILLIAM U

Who inveted football?

Soccer was invented in England and became popular in Great Britain in the mid-19th century. No one really invented soccer

What is Christmas called in great Britain?

It's called Christmas

When did Spain start a soccer team?

Its called Football, not Soccer. Football was developed in Britain, not America. Spain developed football after we introduced it to them.

What did the colonist do to Great Britain after the French and Indian War?

Some stayed loyal to Great Britain those were called loyalist and Tories and some wanted to tie away from great Britain those were called patriots.

Why can't the UK be called Britain?

Britain, strictly Great Britain, refers to the main islands and consists of England, Scotland and Wales. The UK consists of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. [It's called Great Britain to distinguish it from Brittany, in France - where the word Britain came.]

Why are Great Britain good at rowing?

Britain takes great pride in its rowing tradition. Rowers tart at a very young age in Britain, much like football players, soccer kids etc. in the states. It is just a sport of emphasis.

Why is Great Britain called the UK?

Great Britain is not called the UK. This is a common confusion. Great Britain is the name of an island containing England, Scotland and Wales. The United Kingdom is all of Great Britain and also Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland is on the island of Ireland, so it is not part of Great Britain. So Great Britain is not the UK, just part of it, though many people think they are the same and so they use both names.

What are doctors called in Great Britain?

they are called doctors

What was the Americans who supported Great Britain called?

Colonists who supported Great Britain during the American Revolution and the years shortly preceding it were called Loyalists.