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what is skill related fitness

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Q: What is skill-related physical fitness?
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What is physical fitness in mapeh?

what is physical fitness

Importance of physical fitness?

importance of physical fitness

Objectives of physical fitness?

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What are the characteristics of physical fitness?

charasteristics of physical fitness

What is the different of physical fitness and fitness?

physical fitness is when you are physical or using your body.Fitness is anything including being fit.

Evaluation on how you understand physical fitness?

Physical Fitness Bow!!!

Types of compound of physical fitness?

compound of physical fitness?

What are the values that you will get out of learning physical fitness?

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What is the physical fitness and growth and development?

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Example of power in physical fitness?

mple of power in physical fitness

Who needs physical fitness the most?

Everyone needs physical fitness.

What is the difference of physical fitness to physical education?

Physical Fitness is when you are phyisicaly excersise. and Physical education is basically learning about it.

What is the strongest component of physical fitness?

Your legs are the strongest component of physical fitness.

Equipments used in physical fitness test?

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What are the different physical fitness test and its procedure?

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What are the 8 components of physical Fitness and examples of each physical fitness?

Huh ?

How do exercise relate to physical fitness?

the more excercise you do the better physical fitness you have

Why is physical fitness important to the human body?

physical fitness and human body ?

How does affect your daily life of physical fitness?

How does affect your life in physical fitness

How are exercise and physical fitness reated?

Physical fitness is training i.e. exercising

What is physical fitness give the different physical fitness test?

ang physical fit is im exesrcice

Define physical education and physical fitness?

To maintain our body by doing regular exercise and balance diet is called physical fitness.

What is the difference between physical education and physical fitness?

Physical education is the study that uses physical activity and physical fitness is good physical condition.

What are thecomponent of physical fitness?

there are 5 health related components of physical fitness

Why is physical fitness test important?

To tell you your physical fitness. Git r dun!