What is size of netball hoop?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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380mm in diameter

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it is 3.05m (10 feet) :D

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Q: What is size of netball hoop?
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How wide is a netball hoop netball hoop?


What is the right name for the netball hoop?

netball ring

What is the difference between a netball hoop and a basketball hoop?

Basketball has a backboard for the ball to bounce off. Netball hoops just have a hoop no backboard. You have to be very acurate. Also in netball the diameter of the rings is 3 inches smaller.

How tall is a netball net?

I think you mean post if so the official size is 10 feet ( 3.05 metres)

What is the height of an U11s netball hoop?

I am not too sure how far upp off the ground the netball hoop is but i think it is about 3.02 metres

How do you define shooting in netball?

Shooting in Netball is getting a goal (getting a ball in the hoop)

Does a netball hoop have a net?

yes, it does usually but it can be played either way

Australian netball hoop height?

They are 10 feet tall (3.05m).

Are the dimensions of a netball hoop and basketball hoop the same?

No basket ball hoops are bigger because they user bigger balls .

What is the intermediate grade netball hoop height?

A normal netball hoop if 10ft (3.05 meters) and for younger children (netta players) usually 10 years and under the height is 8 ft (2.4 meters)

What is the best way to practice netball without a netball hoop?

You could always grab a friend or your mum or dad and practise your passing. If your parents aren't there, you could practise your passing on a wall. You don't always need to practise netball with a hoop (unless your are a shooter)! Hope this works! :)

How do you score net ball game?

you can score a goal in netball when either goal attack or goal defence shoots the netball into the hoop.