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Q: What is simple subject of basketball player dribbled ball?
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What is the simple subject in sentence basketball is an important sport in the US?


How do you become a European basketball player?

You live in europe, and play basketball. it's that simple.

What is the simple subject of this sentence Most of the basketball team will be attending the winter dance?

The subject of the sentence is most (most will be attending).

How can a basketball player make the forces on a basketball balanced?

That is simple because he has been playing basket ball sinse they where kids so they are used to having a balance on a basketball

What is the basketball term in the paint?

It is very simple it means literally means the player is standing in the painted part of the court in front of the basketball hoop

What is the name of the kicking violation in basketball?

If a player illegally kicks a ball the referee will call out "kick". that simple.

What do you have to have to be a basketball player?

To be a good basketball player (or really a good athlete) you will need simple qualities that coaches like( i would know, i have coached basketball for 7 years) determination, openness to learn, bravery, preference, and smartness... haha hope this helped

In 1912 what equipment did girls use in basketball?

Very simple... a basketball and a basketball court! In addition: a basketball hoop!

What are the terminologies in basketball?

Click on the 'Basketball Glossary' link on this page to see the basketball terms from the book Basketball Made Simple.

What is a simple subject and simple predicet?

a simple predicate is a verb and simple subject is a noun

What is a simple subject?

A simple subject is a thing. If it were talking about a baseball or a sentence the baseball is the simple subject.

Did you find your wallet What is the simple subject?

SImple Subject: you

What is the simple subject and the simple predicate in the sentence You waited for me?

Simple Subject= You Simple predicate= waited

What kind of simple machine is a basketball hoop?

its not a simple machine

Can a pronoun be a simple subject?

"It can." In that sentence, the pronoun "it" is the simple subject.

What are simple subject?

Geotechnical engineering is very simple subject

What is the simple subject to He brings his guitar?

The simple subject is the pronoun he.

What is the definition of a simple subject?

The simple subject is the one word that identifies the subject; for example: Lunch was good. (the simple subject is 'lunch') The complimentary lunch was good. (the simple subject is 'lunch'; the complete subject is 'the complimentary lunch')

What is a subject and simple subject?

the simple subject of a sentence can be a noun , a pronoun or a noun phrase

What is the simple subject and simple predicate in this sentence That dog was a hero?

The simple subject is dog, and the simple predicate is was a hero.

What is the simple subject and simple predicate of the sentence They are unpredictable in their movements?

tornado's shape (simple subject) is ( simple predicate)

What is the simple subject and the simple predicate for this scientist has invented a robot?

Scientist is the simple subject, and has inventedis the simple predicate.

What are the equipments in basketball?

The equipment in basketball is simple. All you need is a pair of shorts, a playing shirt, basketball sneakers and a basketball. You will also need to find a basketball court to play on.

Is the kittens a simple subject?

Kittens are not a simple subject are an animal that has no love for you

Example of a simple subject?

"You" is the simple subject of the sentence, "You asked this question."