What is select soccer?

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Select is the second highest form of soccer that is chosen.

The average group is recreational, the second highest is select, and the highest is competitive.

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Q: What is select soccer?
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What is the lightest soccer ball?

Select soccer balls are the lightest

What is youth preimer soccer?

Youth Premier Soccer is supposed to be a higher level of play, than select soccer.

Which is harder getting on a select soccer team or learning the flute?

select soccer for sure flute once you learn the notes soccer you have to kepp perfecting your self and way more room for errors

Is there going to be select soccer in 2011?

Not sure why there wouldn't be . . .

What is the lightest ball?

Select soccer balls are the lightest

How do i get sponsored for soccer?

You get sponsored for soccer by going and trying out for select or getting a talent scout to come see you.

Is Beckham a olympic soccer player?

No, stuart Pearce didnt select him

What do you have to do to be in soccer?

if you want to play soccer in a rec league you need to just sign up on sign up day at the field sign up building if you want to play in academy or select you will sign up and try out to see what team you are put on. The difference between rec and select is that you have to pay alot more for select /academy i am not sure if you pay for rec

How many players can be on a soccer team?

11 players on a soccer team not including coalie.There can as many players as the team wants but the coach can only select 16 players for a match, 11 on field and 5 on the bench.

At what level is a soccer player considered elite. I was considering attending an elite soccer camp but am afraid they may be out of my league. Is a Division II select team considered elite?

Yes! A premier team is division 1

Where can one watch highlights of Brazil vs England soccer games?

One can find highlights on of the match on ESPN 3's website. Simply visit their website, select your cable service provider, and you can have the option of selecting soccer highlights.

How do you get noticed by academies as a defender in soccer?

Im a defender in football/soccer and I know that when you want to go pro you mostly go through youth academies. And the academies only really select the forwards and defenders don't really ever get looked at.

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