What is second base in sexual terms?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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People have different opinions but I think it's fingering and tossing off

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Doesn't have to. But it sure is more fun when it does.

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Hitting second is kissing with tounges and that lot

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Q: What is second base in sexual terms?
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What does 'toss the salad' mean in sexual terms?


What are the 'bases' in relationships like first base second base and third base?

First base- kiss, no tongue, no feeling each other up Second base- makeout, French kissing, clothes come off and a lot of feeling other up with direct skin on skin contact over body parts above. Third base- foreplay. oral sex, playing, Home base- sexual intercourse

What are the sex terms in animals?

asexual and sexual

What does 'cob' mean in sexual terms?


What are sexual slang terms?

Most sexual slang terms are profane words to describe sexual organs or the act of sexual intercourse. The vast majority of such terms are not permitted on the Answers website.Some are permissible or even encouraged between consenting adults.However, what happens or is said behind closed doors is between your partner and yourself.

What does NSA stand for in sexual terms?

no strings attached

What does pov mean in sexual terms?

point of vagina

What are the sexual bases for lesbians?

That's a very good question and there isn't a strict definition for it. My opinion is that: Fist Base - kissing Second Base - touching or kissing the breasts Third Base - Rubbing of genitalia, however, no penetration of the vagina Fourth Base - penetration of the vagina with fingers, tongue, or toys

What is the ampere in terms of coulomb?

As an ampere is an SI base unit, it is NOT defined in terms of the coulomb. In fact, it is defined in terms of the force (in newtons) between two, parallel, current-carrying conductors. The coulomb, being an SI derived unit, is equivalent to an ampere second.

What does Asian mean in sexual terms?

having small genitals

How is a base different from a alkaline solution?

The terms alkaline and base are synonymous.

What is a base in mathematical terms?

onsa gani meanig sa base