What is sec?

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secounds or secound base

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Q: What is sec?
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How do you convert 20m sec to km sec?

20/meter/minut into km/sec

Convert 1litre per sec to meter cubed per sec?

1 litre per sec = 0.001 cubic metres per sec.

How do you put sec in a TI 84 calculator?

sec = 1 / cos sec = 1 / cos

Was the SEC successful?

The SEC was an awesome thing.

0-60 time for 2005 Acura TL?

6.2 sec manual. 7.0 sec automatic 6.2 sec manual. 7.0 sec automatic

What is vtl 1129 a ma in nyc misdemeanor?

Following Too Closely V.T.L. Sec. 1129Passing Red LightV.T.L. Sec. 1111dPassing Stop SignV.T.L. Sec. 1172Unsafe Lane ChangeV.T.L. Sec. 1128Failure To YieldV.T.L. Sec. 1140, 1141, 1142, 1143Improper PassingV.T.L. Sec. 1124Failure To Obey Traffic Control DeviceV.T.L. Sec. 1110(a)

Did Florida state or Miami ever played in the SEC Conference?

No they have Played sec schools but have not been in the sec

Did George Washington have a postmaster general?

no, he had attorney general, sec of war, sec of state, and sec of Treasury

How do you solve 24 m sec to 15m sec in 12seconds what is the driivers acceleration?

2miles per sec

What is the difference between 20 sec and 2 min?

1 min 40 sec or 100 sec.

What does the abbreviation sec stand for?

SEC could stand for Second, but it could also be short for Secretary.

What does Terminal SEC mean in shipping terms?


A car starts from rest and picks up velocity of 30 km-hr in 5 sec calculate acceleration in meters-sec?

30 km - hr/ 5 sec = 1000m/1km =30000m 30000m/5 sec = 3600 sec/1hr =722 sec

What fraction of a minute is 4 seconds?

4 sec/1 min = 4 sec/60 sec = 1/15

What fraction is 10 seconds in a minutes?

10 sec/1 min = 10 sec/60 sec = 1/6

Explanation of article 2 sec 9 sec 11 and sec 14?

Assuming this refers to the US Constitution, there are no such sections.

What does au sec mean?

Sec is the French word for 'dry'. 'Au sec' may mean 'in a dry place', for example.

How many sec are in 30 min?

1 min = 60 sec 30 min = 1800 sec

What does 32 min 9 sec plus 40 min 10 sec equals?

32 min 9 sec 40 min 10 sec adding gives... 71 min 19 sec 1 hr 11 min 19 sec. ■

How do you play B A superhero on the recorder?

You push B and blow then wait 5 sec. then play it again and wait 5 sec. then press b twice then A then B again then wait 5 sec. and repeat six times. then b 4 sec. then A 3 sec. then b twice then A twice. 2 sec. play b three times then A three times. then 1 sec. b 4 times then A four times. then hold A for 2 sec then b for 2 sec. then b once then A once then b again and its over.

How do you write a c program to convert time in sec to time?

main() { int sec=00,min=00,hr=00; printf("Enter time in seconds"); scanf("%d",&sec); if (sec<60) printf("%d :%d : %d",hr,min,sec); else if(sec>=60) min=int(sec/60); sec=int(sec%60); printf("%d: %d : %d",hr,min,sec); else if (sec>=3600) min=int(sec/60); sec=int(sec/60) hr=int(min/60); printf("%d : %d : %d",hr,sec,min); }

Most football national championships acc or sec?


What is SEC stand for?

SEC ..... can be Second or Security in stock exchange

What is the accelleration due to gravity?

16 ft./sec./sec.

Who has more Heisman Trophy winners sec or acc?


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