What is scuba diving in Indonesia like?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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Scuba diving in the country of Indonesia is a world class experience. Diving in this area of the world offers views of exotic fish and beautiful reefs that are only visible in this part of the world.

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Q: What is scuba diving in Indonesia like?
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What is the scuba diving like in Indonesia?

Scuba Diving in Indonesia is considered to have some of the best Scuba Diving in the world. Indonesia has roughly 20% of the world's coral reefs with over 3000 different species of fish and over 600 species of corals. You can find and endless variety of macro life. Here are a few of to the top dive locations in Indonesia: - Komodo - Lembeh Straight - Wakatobi - Raja Ampat - Banka - Bunaken - Banka These locations offer a mixture wall, reef, current, pelagic and macro diving to name a few. Scuba Diving in Indonesia can be done through out the year. A 3mm wet suite is recommended for most areas listed above. All levels of divers will find suitable conditions for their diving needs.

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