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Q: What is said to give you a very clear view of a sporting event?
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What does it mean to have a sporting life?

When someone is said to have a "sporting life", it means they are actively interested and involved in gambling on sporting events, such as horse races.

A girl said i love doing those kind of things with people im with too bad im not with him though about a sporting event with her friend She asks if I love her Does she want to be with me?

she either wants to be with you or get closer to you.

What is the podium level on Howrse?

The podium refers to the raised platform used by the winners of a sporting event to stand on while presented with their awards. Players who place first, second, or third in a competition on Howrse, are said to have "made the podium".

Where is a official Nintendo Event?

Wherever Nintendo is at for said event

Are Cairn Terriers sporting dogs?

If you consider chasing and digging up rodents, they could be said to sporting dogs. But many say sporting dogs are those that go along while one hunts to point out game (pointers) or retrieves it (retrievers).

Pride is said to be the last vice the good man gets clear of?

Pride is said to be the last vice the good man gets clear of?

When the probability of one event occurred is not affected by a second event having already occurred the two events are said to be?

The two events are said to be independent.

Who said on the war give you freedom or give you death?

Patric Henry said give me freedom or give me death.

What is the verb for the word said?

"Said" is a verb. It's not really clear what you're asking.

Who are Christiano Ronaldo's sporting heroes?

Said in an interview Shane Warne. Im sure he has bigger idols though

Why is the Sims 2 not working on my computer?

With all this information you give us, its hard to narrow down one possible problem.Though with what you have already said, its clear you didn't install it right.

Who said that this is a principle that deals with the effect of observation on an event?