What is rugby player?

Updated: 10/27/2022
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An individual that participates in the game of Rugby.

"Rugby is said to be a sport played by barbarians and watched by gentlemen, while soccer is played by gentlemen and watched by barbarians"- Unknown


An individual that participates in the game of Rugby Football.

In its earliest days it was regarded by many as

" A thugs game played by gentlemen". Term was certainly true as in the early stages of the games development around 1835 only those people who could afford to attend public school like that or Rugby (where the game originated) and then were able to access such Universities as Oxford, Cambridge and Guys Hospital University For Doctors of Medicine. These were in the main "gentlemen" from privileged backgrounds. The working classes of the time would not have been able to play in a side because of the cultural divide.

However, I fully understand the previous answer...........

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Q: What is rugby player?
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