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Q: What is right wing in thenational parliament?
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Is euroscepticism a left wing or right wing issue?

It is mainly right wing, but there are eurosceptics who are left wing too.

What is thenational currecy in Japan?


Is the republican the right wing or left wing?

Right wing, Democrats are left wing and liberals are "far left" and the "far right" of the wing is called the Conservatives.

What is the difference between left and right wing in the US?

Left wing= Democratic Right wing= Republican

Is liberty legal institute right wing religion?

No it is a right wing law firm.

What wing does mauro camoranesi play on?

Right wing

Where is nazi with 1 to 10 scale where left wing is 1 right wing is 10?

The Nazis were (or are) a far-right wing party.

Is ABC News left or right wing?

ABC news is a left wing network, where Fox News is the polar opposite being right wing.

Are Communists right wing or left wing?

Communism is an extreme left-wing ideology.

When was Right-wing Party the Conservatives created?

Right-wing Party the Conservatives was created in 2003.

Who is the best at right wing?

I think ronaldo is the best one at right wing? leon messi the second!

What are positions in hockey teams?

Left Wing, Center, Right Wing, Defense (left and right), Goalie