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Q: What is raul gonzalez total goals in uefa champions league up to date?
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How many goals has Messy scored in champions league?

messi has scored 69 goals in the champions league

How many champions league goals did messi scored for barcenola?

Messi has scored a total of 27 goals for Barcelona, and is still scoring, he has ow overtaken Rivaldo total.

How much goals close scored at champions league 2008-2009?

Klose* scored 7 goals in total throughout the tournament along with Steven Gerrard.

How many goals have Manchester city scored this season?

In total they have scored 91 goals in all competitions this season. I'll breakdown where the scored theme here. Premier League:63 Goals FA Cup: 4 Goals League Cup: 7 Goals Champions League/Europa League: 14 Goals Other Matchs: 3 Goals

How many clean sheets does wojciech szczesny have in the champions league?

Wojciech Szczesny has a total of ten clean sheets in the champions league.

What sport is the champions league for?

The Champions league is for men and women's football, it is also known as the UEFA Champions League. They were founded in 1955 in Europe they have 32 groups stage teams and 77 total teams.

How many goals were scored in the English football league on October 29 2011?

On October 29, 2011, there were a total of: 32 goals in the Premier League 32 goals in the Championship 48 goals in Football League One 32 goals in Football League Two This is a total of 144 goals.

How much goals did messi score in the uefa champions league in total?

leonal messi scored 45 Cristiano ronaldo scored 50 but Rooney scored 58 but the most champion league where scored by ruud van nistrooy in his with Manchester united he score a amazing 74 goals

How much goals have Eto all career?

To date, Samuel Eto'o has scored a total of 26 goals in all competitions, separately being:UEFA Champions League: 3La Liga: 23Copa del Rey: 0Copa Catalunya: 0

How many uefa champions league has Barcelona won?

FC Barcelona has won the Champions League on 4 occasions: 1992, 2006, 2009 & 2011.

How many goals in total were scored in the 2007-08 to 2009-10 Premier League seasons?

There were 1002 goals scored in the 2007-08 Premier League season, 942 goals scored in the 2008-09 Premier League season, and 1053 goals scored in the 2009-10 Premier League season - a total of 2997 goals in those three seasons.

Which team has scored most goals in total in 2010 world cup?

Germany had the most goals, at 16, twice as many as champions Spain (8).