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Lane conditioner is applied to the surface of the Bowling lane to protect the surface.

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Q: What is put on the bowling lane to protect the surface?
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Are plastic bowling balls good?

Yes, they are excellent for dry lane conditions and/or picking up spares. Their slick surface composition means they will not hook even if you put a lot of spin on the ball and so they will go where you aim them. On a dry lane the slick surface keeps them from hooking too much and allows you to control the ball better than a ball with a grabbing surface texture. == ==

How do bowling pins get put up?

Behind the lane, there is a pinsetter that is fed pins and automatically stands them up in the places they should.

How many people can play ten pin bowling at one time?

If you are bowling with automatic scorers, it will depend on how many names the computer will allow you to put on one lane. It also depends on how long you want to wait between turns. typically 3 to 5 people bowl on one lane at a time.

What causes some bowling balls to slide and not roll down the lane?

the back spin you put on the ball, but how do you even ask a question on this site? i cant figure it out :/

How do you throw bowling ball properly?

I'm not the best bowler, but my parents have always told me to bowl this way. You put your fingers in the holes, and as you walk toward the lane, you swing back, and then you release the bowling ball as straight as you can. Then you do it again for you next turn!

Why might they put wax on the wooden floors in bowling?

The wax seales & protects the floors & makes the balls do less damage as they hit the wood. The maple on a real wood bowling lane is very expensive to refinish & replace so a bit of wax helps keep the maintainance cost down. Pro bowlers also will tell you they can tell when a lane has just been waxed, it changes the way the ball moves on the lane.

How do you put up the barriers on wii sports?

You can't in a normal game of bowling. However, there is a training for bowling where they put barriers up.

Can you lay astroturf on top of a hard surface?

You can put astroturf on a hard surface. It would not be very good to work out on, or play many sports. But it could work well for a putting surface, or lawn bowling. The underlayment that you use will depend on what you wish to use it for.

Do you book bowling?

noNo is too general an answer. It depends on the venue - at busy times you may have to wait ifthe place is busy.Most bowling alleys will not take "bookings" for the future. Our house won't even put your name on the waiting list over the phone. You must come, in person, and put your name on the waiting list if there isn't currently a lane available.

How do levees protect people from flood?

You know when you go bowling, you can get bumpers put up in your lane to keep the ball from going in the gutter? A levee is basically the same thing, although on a much larger scale. Generally they're piles upon piles of dirt that are put along the side of a river to keep the water from going over the sides and flooding whatever is next to it. Hope this answered your question! (:

What does a red dot mean on a bowling ball?

On a bowling ball, the red dot can be a weight. They put weights on bowling balls to throw a curve ball.

What is the length of the oil pattern on a bowling lane?

60 feet. Edit: This is a terribly worded question. Oil patterns are anywhere from 25-45 feet in length depending on what the house decided to put down at that particular time. Most patterns you will bowl on will be 35 feet in length. The lane itself is 60 feet in length.

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