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PTS is a shortened version of the word POINTS

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Q: What is pts mean in rugby?
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What does it mean for type of bond PTS?

what does a court bond PTS stand for

What does pts mean in dog pound terms?

PTS = "Put to sleep"

What does the plus minus mean in sports?

(Team pts. scored with you minus team pts. given up with you) minus (Team pts. scored without you minus team pts. given up without you).

What does PTS mean in basketball stats?


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How many pts are in 15 pts?

15 pts

What does navy military term pts mean?

Perform To Serve.

What does 'PTS' mean in soccer statistics?

past the soccer ball

What does Net Pts mean in NFL standings?

In any NFL team standing, the Net Points (Net Pts) are the Points For (PF) minus the Points Against (PA). PF - PA = Net Pts

In hockey What does PTS mean?

points PTS stands for points in hockey, a player gets one point for a goal and one point for an assist.

What did rugby bridges do?

can you clarify what you mean by "rugby bridges"

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