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Q: What is province name of Manchester city in UK?
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What iws the capertul of Manchester?

Manchester is a city in the UK, thus it has no capital. London is the capital city of the UK.

Is Manchester a country or city?

Manchester in the UK is not a state, it is a city (in the North West of England). Greater Manchester, which the City of Manchester is a part of, is a metropolitan county established in 1974.

Are Manchester city still gay friendly 2009?

Manchester, UK is considered as a gay friendly city.

What is the third largest city in the UK?

The third largest city in the UK is Manchester. It is known for its cultural landmarks, music scene, and industrial heritage.

Who is the best football team in the UK?

the richest in the uk is manchester city but the most succesful team is manchester united

Is Manchester in New Hampshire?

Yes, though it is not the only one. There is a smaller city in Connecticut named by the same name, not to mention the larger, original, Manchester, UK.

What is the second biggest city in UK?

Manchester because if you compare Birmingham and Manchester. Manchester is bigger because Manchester and Greater Manchester put together is almost the same size as London. Check on Google maps for the truth.

Where is the Manchester?

Manchester is a city that is located in England. The city is also known as the warehouse city and a population of 502,000 people.

What is the area of Manchester UK?

It's a city in the northwest of England.

What are the 3 largest city's in the UK?

lerwick londan manchester

What is the capital city of Britain Manchester Scotland or London?

London is the capital city of the United Kingdom. Scotland is a country that is part of the UK. Manchester is a city in England.

How many black people in Manchester UK?

4.5% of the population of Manchester City (1.2% of greater manchester) is black african. So a fecking lot anyway, but not as many as London. Also - 9.1% of Manchester City (and 5.7% of greater Manchester) are Asian.