What is programmed chip?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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Q: What is programmed chip?
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A small electronic chip a manufacturer programs for use in another product is?

programmed chip

How come 99 4runner will not start when using a copy key?

The original key has a chip that is programmed to start the vehicle. A copy key will unlock the doors but will not start the vehicle because it does not have a chip in it. If the copy DOES have a chip, it need to be programmed in order to start the vehicle. You may need a key with a security chip in it, check dealer

What are the difference between FPGA and DSP?

The major difference is that, a DSP is a chip which can be programmed based on our requirement, whereas an FPGA can be programmed to design a chip for our own purpose. FPGA can also be reprogrammed based on the changes in our application.

How do you take out the fuel shut off chip in a 1995 Chevrolet Camaro?

You do not as it is programmed in the computor.

Can you mod a new cg Xbox 360 controller to rapid fire?

Yes you can, but you need to get a programmed chip.

Chrysler sebring starts then dies within seconds?

Computer chip is in key. It must not be programmed correctly.

How to take a govenor out of a 2.4L chev caviler z24?

You don't take one has to be programmed out with an aftermarket chip for the ECM.

Can an automotive on-board computer be upgraded?

Well for starters you can reprogram it by buying a PROM chip and programming it and replace the old one with the new Programmed one. Or you can buy a whole new programmed after market PCM or Computer.

Where is the governor chip on a 1995 ford escort 1.9 L?

I have no idea what is meant by a governor chip. The PCM is prorammed a certain way at the factory to operate both the engine and transmission. It doesn't need any help from another "chip." The PCM has all the operating stradegies programmed in. If you are trying to override anythin that the PCM is programmed to do you will have to change it out for a performance PCM like an El-Diablo, or reprogram the PCM with an aftermarket programmer.

A ROM chip that can be programmed once is known as a what?

PROMs can only be programmed once. They are more fragile than ROMs. A jolt of static electricity can easily cause fuses in the PROM to burn out, changing essential bits from 1 to 0.

What is an M66t?

The M66T is an IC chip that works as a simple melody generator which has an onboard ROM that is programmed for musical performance in telephones and musical toys.

Why would a 2000 Sebring Convertible repeatedly shut down a few seconds after starting a few times and then not start at all even though it has power?

There is an electronic chip in 2000 Chrysler Sebring Convertible ignition keys. The chip is located in the top section of the key, within the black polymer thumb casing. This chip must be programmed to each particular automobile. Every key has two requirements. 1.) The key must be cut properly allowing the key to turn the ignition switch. 2.) The key must have a functioning, properly programmed chip. A physical key may be cut properly allowing the key to turn the ignition switch and to start the car. But if the key's chip is not programmed properly, or has failed, when the car's computer system checks the key's chip the car will shut down.