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They have some talented players playing in college and some have even made it to the pro's. It appears to be a pretty good camp for seeking out some of the most potentialed ball players and showcasing them to colleges. They appear to have a good track record on picking a few players that went on to play college ball and the pro's. What the camp is like? I guess I'd have to kill you if I told you, because they keep it under raps. For the camp to be so successful, I can't believe that the only testimonies are the results of what you see. For the price of this advanced camp, these youth better get better after the three and a half day summer camp. The camp is supposedly only for advanced players. I honestly can not tell you what the camp us like, but as a parent I have high expectations for the price we are paying. It's the price of both of our children's school tuition for a month. This better be good!

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Q: What is prep all-star basketball camp like?
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