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Q: What is pounding or racing of the heart called?
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What is the medical term meaning pounding or racing heart?

Palpitation is the medical term meaning a heightened percetion of your own heart rate, which may feel like pounding or racing. It may occur with regular rhythm, or with irregular rhythm (arrhythmia).

Name a figure of speech people use to describe what their heart is doing?

Skipping a beat, Racing, Pounding, Breaking, Pumping, Aching, Fluttering

When was Heart That's Pounding created?

Heart That's Pounding was created on 2010-04-06.

What would cause being woke up to sever pounding in the head and sweating and heart racing last about 3 min then is gone?

you might have a fever or had a nightmare

Is 'Heart pounding' a sentence?

Her newest novel is a heart pounding thriller that you won't want to put down.He's in the mood for a comedy and I'd like to see a heart pounding horror movie.

As he neared the finish line his heart was pounding like?

As he neared the finish line, his heart was pounding like

Is your heart was pounding out of your chest an idiom?

I'm not sure about 'pounding out of my chest' but'my heart was jumping out of my chest''my heart was pounding'are idioms.

Which term describes a pounding or racing heaart with or without irregularity in rhythm?


In The Tell-Tale Heart what is the sound of the heart pounding?

his consciense

What is the fear of marijuana called?

Panic attacks also heart racing

Is heart racing internal or external?

heart racing internal or external

What does it mean when your heart starts pounding and your hands get shaky out of no where?

You are nervous.